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Plastic or Metal

IndyCar vs 1957 Chevy Bumper repair is projected to cost between $950-$1,600. On average the cost to repair a bumper is $1,300. Those numbers reflect another generation of vehicles with today’s cost of bumper repair soaring even higher. Bumpers absorb and dissipate energy away from the cabin to protect the driver and passenger from a […]

Color Codes

Spectrophotometer Auto repair shops use a variety of methods to match paint. At the top of their list are color swatches. When a homeowner wants to match paint, they can submit a tiny sample to a paint department and a computer matches the sample. The consumer can also grab a color swatch from the color […]

Fender Benders and Hidden Damage

I-CAR Gold Certified Technicians When a vehicle is involved in an accident, the forces of impact travel in all directions and reverberate across the frame of a vehicle. What’s at the bottom of the vehicle? The frame and suspension. These unseen gems of a vehicle are hidden from plain sight but may take the impact […]

Defensive Driving Saves Lives

The Nursing Home for Automobiles Road crashes are terrifying. Screeching tires, loud bangs, injured persons, and totaled vehicles. Defensive driving is one step you can take to avoid becoming a road crash statistic. On average, 38,000 people lose their lives on America’s roads, highways, and interstates every year. 38,824 died in motor vehicle accidents in […]

Shopping Cart Dent Repair

You Weren’t Shopping for a Dent When you went to the store, you weren’t shopping for a dent. Unfortunately, an encounter with a shopping cart caused you to leave the parking lot with one. Now what? While it’s not the retail excursion you’d hoped for, you can take care of the needed dent repairs at […]

Alloy Wheel Repair

Let’s Talk About Your Alloys Alloy wheels offer options that traditional steel wheels simply cannot. Thus, they can add a unique appearance to your transportation. However, if you sustain collision or road hazard damage, the wheels themselves may need an updated look. When this happens, count on the I-CAR Gold certified technicians at Brown Collision […]

The Double Wishbone and Suspension Repair

Wishing for a Double Wishbone Suspension System? When it comes to vehicle suspension, a wishbone isn’t something you pull on to make dreams come true. Rather, it’s a means of absorbing the shock that occurs as you cross rough travel surfaces. That’s crucial to both your ability to handle/maneuver your vehicle as well as your […]

Understanding Auto Glass Repair

Can I Do This Myself? While you may be able to purchase some repair and/or replacement materials for your auto glass repair project, it’s not a good idea to take on such a project without professional training. First, there is the obvious potential for an installation accident. You could end up having to pay twice–once […]