Fender Benders and Hidden Damage

I-CAR Gold Certified Technicians

When a vehicle is involved in an accident, the forces of impact travel in all directions and reverberate across the frame of a vehicle. What’s at the bottom of the vehicle? The frame and suspension. These unseen gems of a vehicle are hidden from plain sight but may take the impact during a fender bender or collision.

If you’ve been involved in a fender bender or a collision, it’s imperative the vehicle be inspected. Brown Collision Center in Charlottesville, VA specialize in collision repair and have collision experts ready to examine your vehicle. If your vehicle goes down, Call Brown Collision Center at (434) 984-8400 or stop into our shop at 1590 Seminole Trail Charlottesville, VA 22901 for a complete inspection.

Manufacturers design automobiles to distribute forces away from the driver and passengers during a collision. The energy is dispersed away from the cabin and expelled in multiple directions. Vehicles are designed to be totaled to save lives. When a vehicle collides with an object, the suspension is inline with impact forces. The wheels, shocks, struts, and springs are the main components of a suspension and may suffer unseen damages.

After a collision, the vehicle may appear normal. It’s when the driver pulls away and notices the vehicle rides rough, bounces, or dips to one side. If the vehicle dips to one side, a shock or strut may be damaged. Struts are manufactured into the vehicle and shocks are separate components. If a strut is damaged in a collision, hidden dangers may be lurking underneath.

Brown Collision Center has the technology, diagnostics, and I-CAR Gold certified technicians to service your vehicle. Brown Collision Center handles minor scratches to a totaled vehicle. They even have contacts to help you with insurance should you desire their help. Brown Collision Center can also color match your paint after a minor accident or collision. The I-CAR Gold certified technicians at Brown Collision Center can handle auto glass repair to suspension repair. Other services Brown Collision Center offers are parts price matching, free shuttle, and concierge services.

If you have been involved in an accident, call Brown Collision Center in Charlottesville, VA (434) 984-8400 to have one of our I-CAR Gold certified technicians evaluate your vehicle’s condition after a road crash.

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