Wheel Repair in Charlottesville, Virginia

Resources To Rectify All Manners of Wheel Damage

The wheel is an invaluable aspect of all vehicles, from four-door cars to commercial vans and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Not only do wheels help reduce friction by facilitating the ability to smoothly move the car along, but they also provide leverage and optimize performance and agility on the road. Of course, they also house your vehicle’s tires. The most common type of wheel in vehicles today is the steel wheel, but they are also available in alloy, aluminum, forged, chrome, diamond cut, multi-piece, and replica “OEM style.” Unfortunately, wheels are susceptible to damage should you get into an accident or experience an impact on the road. For example, wheels can bend, warp, become scratched or scuffed, and in some cases, completely fall off. If the latter occurs, further damage can occur, such as the axle or the suspension. Brown Collision Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, is your answer when it comes to wheel repair! We offer a myriad of repair services and can even provide replacement if needed.