Car Frame Repair in Charlottesville, Virginia

Understanding The Different Types Of Frame Damage And Repair

Yes, it absolutely can! Here at Brown Collision Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, we offer professional car frame repair services led by our I-CAR Gold-certified bodywork specialists. The frame of a vehicle is its main structural support. Not only does it support, but the rigid structure also helps ensure the safety of those inside in the event of an impact, and it provides a stable driving experience. When a car frame gets damaged in an accident or a collision, your drive and your safety are severely compromised. Mechanical issues can also sprout from excessive frame damage. Did you know there are four types of frame damage that can occur and warrant car frame repair? These include twisted frames, mesh damage, sagging damage, and sway damage. To determine the specific damage your vehicle incurred, visit our collision repair shop for a full assessment. We have experience working with and repairing both body-on-frame and unibody vehicles. Keep in mind that extreme cases of frame damage may render your vehicle unsalvageable.