Suspension Repair in Charlottesville, Virginia

Understanding The Role Of Car Suspension

Do you know what your vehicle’s suspension is? It is a system of components located on the undercarriage of a car, and it’s responsible for ensuring a smooth and controlled ride by optimizing the friction between the tires and the road. Not only that, but it also helps support the weight of the vehicle. The suspension system’s main parts are the springs, shock absorbers, and struts, but additional pieces like rods, sway bars, linkages, joints, bearings, and bushings are equally important in fulfilling the various jobs of a vehicle suspension. Unfortunately, your suspension system is vulnerable to collisions due to its delicate nature and proximity to the ground. This is especially true of rear-end collisions, fender benders, and even hitting a pothole the wrong way. When your suspension sustains damage as a result of an accident, bring it to our auto collision shop! Here at Brown Collision Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, we have your qualified and certified technicians and advanced equipment answered with our suspension repair needs.