Defensive Driving Saves Lives

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Road crashes are terrifying. Screeching tires, loud bangs, injured persons, and totaled vehicles. Defensive driving is one step you can take to avoid becoming a road crash statistic. On average, 38,000 people lose their lives on America’s roads, highways, and interstates every year. 38,824 died in motor vehicle accidents in 2020 alone. 35,766 deaths involved 54,272 motor vehicles. Road crashes are the leading cause of death in the United States. Don’t be a statistic.

Texas documented the most fatalities in 2018. In Texas, a person was killed in an automobile accident every two hours. Drivers in the U.S. ages 16 to 20 years of age have the highest number of fatal crashes, 34 per 100,000 licensed drivers.
Data shows male drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident compared to women drivers. Inexperience, nighttime, and weekend driving rate the highest for fatalities. 52% at nighttime, and 37% between 9pm and 6am. The time between 4pn and 8pm is the peak for both fatal and non-fatal crashes.

When a vehicle costs more to repair than replace it is deemed totaled. Your insurance company will make that determination and provide you with the market value of the vehicle to help you buy another vehicle. When a car cannot be driven because of leaks, destroyed parts, including fenders, side panels, roof damage, and starting issues, the vehicle may be valued as totaled. When fluids leak after an accident it’s usually a sign of significant damage to the vehicle and the repair costs will most likely outweigh the replacement cost.

When a vehicle hits a certain age, usually five years, unless it’s designated a classic, and damage is done to the frame, an insurance company may total the vehicle. The damage will usually determine when a vehicle is totaled. Even when the car is a classic, the expense to repair the damage may not be worth it. Most insurance companies use the Kelley Blue Book to evaluate a vehicle and you can do the same by going to the website.

With age comes mileage unless you’re a real estate agent, insurance agent, or other professional who drives for a living. High odometer readings usually devalue an automobile and high mileage can be one of those totaled factors the insurance company looks at for valuation.

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