Shopping Cart Dent Repair

You Weren’t Shopping for a Dent

When you went to the store, you weren’t shopping for a dent. Unfortunately, an encounter with a shopping cart caused you to leave the parking lot with one. Now what? While it’s not the retail excursion you’d hoped for, you can take care of the needed dent repairs at Brown Collision Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. We offer a lifetime warranty on the bodywork we perform, and we have a collision repair track record dating back to 1982. Come by to experience our exceptional customer service and to learn why we carry the I-CAR Gold certification.

Shopping Cart Dent Repair Options

Typically , the damage resulting from a shopping cart is small. Even so, you don’t want to leave it unaddressed. If the ding breaches the paint/coating layers, your car is clearly at an increased risk for rust to set in. If the paint remains intact, the metal is thinned out, making that area of your vehicle more vulnerable. The best way to protect your auto’s value is to repair the damage in a timely manner. As it turns out, you may have some options. Traditional dent repair methods that use bonding and fillers along with sanding and painting are certainly an option. However, this type of damage is sometimes conducive to paintless dent repair (PDR). This technique is ideal for small areas of damage where the paint is still intact. A technician will use special tools to gently push and pull until the metal eases back into place. Repairing the car in this way saves a great deal of time. Thus, it also saves money by reducing the supplies and hours needed to effect a repair. Regardless of whether traditional or paintless dent repair is appropriate for your vehicle, you may also have an option about how to pay for the repair. Rarely are retailers held responsible for shopping cart damage. To be on the hook for this repair bill, the merchant would have to be proven negligent. Generally, providing appropriate shopping cart returns and having staff members collect carts periodically to return them to the building is deemed sufficient. Wind blown moving carts or rolling carts left in wrong places by other customers usually aren’t the legal responsibility of the store. That means that either you or your insurance carrier (if you’re covered for such damage) will need to pay the bill. Actually, your policy’s deductible may exceed the amount of a small repair. Even if you can recover from a claim, it may not be worth it in the long run if your premium increases due to filing a claim. Weigh your options, and choose the best pathway for financing repairs.

Returning the Dent

Usually, you’re allowed to return items you don’t want or need back to the store. Although you can’t take the shopping cart dent back to the merchant, you can return your car to its original condition. Simply bring your auto to Brown Collision Repair for shopping cart dent repair.

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