Understanding Auto Glass Repair

Can I Do This Myself?

While you may be able to purchase some repair and/or replacement materials for your auto glass repair project, it’s not a good idea to take on such a project without professional training. First, there is the obvious potential for an installation accident. You could end up having to pay twice–once for the do-it-yourself materials that were ruined and again for an expert to complete the job. Also, improperly installed glass is clearly a safety hazard. Imagine hurtling down the road at full speed and having a window dislodge. Consider the consequences of your auto lacking the structural integrity provided by a solidly installed windshield. Finally, ask yourself a rhetorical question. Would a goldfish repair its own bowl when its life depends upon the integrity of a thin piece of glass? Instead of taking a chance on safety, rely on Brown Collision Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, for all your vehicle’s glass repair needs.

How Will I Know if My Windshield Can Be Repaired or If It Will Need Replacing?

If your windshield has a relatively minor inclusion, your car may be a candidate for windshield repair. Here are the general parameters. If you have a chip, it can usually be repaired if its diameter is no larger than that of a quarter, there are no more than three dings, it’s not directly in the driver’s line of sight, and it has a star pattern around its perimeter. The star pattern enables the bonding material to cling to the area. A smooth divot will not allow for this and won’t hold over time. If the windshield has a single crack spanning no more than six inches (about the length of a dollar bill), it can be repaired. If there are multiple cracks, the glass should be replaced.

Does Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Take a Long Time?

The amount of time needed to correct glass issues in your vehicle depends upon the nature of the problem. Generally, the process is reasonably quick. A chip or crack repair can often be done in about an hour. Replacements typically don’t take much more time, but the car shouldn’t be moved for a minimum of an hour after the work is completed to ensure that all materials are dry and solid. If you’re concerned about time constraints, we have several ways of helping you out. You can schedule your appointment by phone or online at a time that’s convenient for you. Also, we offer customer conveniences such as after-hours drop off and pick up, concierge service, and free shuttle so that you can maintain your daily routine.

What About Insurance Coverage?

If your glass repair is covered by an insurance policy, we’ll be happy to work with your company. In business since 1982, we’ve developed a solid reputation, and we’re recognized industry-wide for our I-CAR Gold certification. This assures your insurance carrier of the quality of our work. If you’re paying out of pocket, that’s fine, too. We’re happy to give you a competitive estimate and discuss repairs directly with you.

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